Opinion: Educators deserve more funding

June 19, 2019 By PAULA HERBART/President – Michigan Education Association Unions learned an important lesson decades ago: collective action gets results. Tuesday, educators from the Michigan Education Association and American Federation of Teachers Michigan — along with parents, students, and other public education supporters — descended on the Capitol to urge legislators to “Value Students, Respect…

Leaving a Global Legacy

MEA member Robert Lurie feels a special connection to Anne Frank, the Jewish teenager whose diary became a classic of world literature after she perished in the Holocaust. Lurie’s father was a Jewish American soldier who fought in World War II to liberate Anne and others, and his mother – who just turned 90 –…

Report finds Michigan public teacher salaries continue to decline amid growing teacher shortage

Michigan Education Association calls for reinvesting in Michigan students, teachers and support staff EAST LANSING – New data from the National Education Association’s annual Rankings and Estimates report found average salary for teachers declined last year, continuing the 12% decline over the last decade when adjusted for inflation. Only Indiana, West Virginia and Wisconsin have…

Labor Voices: Falling educator pay hurts students

By PAULA HERBART/President – Michigan Education Association

For many, education is a calling — but that doesn’t mean a career in education should come with a vow of poverty.

That’s the case for too many educators who are struggling with low and declining pay, according to recently released national figures.

Studies have shown – and logic dictates – that the number one variable in student achievement is the presence of a high quality teacher.

But only 25 percent of educators would recommend a young person enter the profession, according to a statewide survey released by Launch Michigan earlier this year.