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You should consider attending these great training opportunities offered by MEA and BFCL:

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Invitation to the training days are listed under and is sent to every local leaders.


MEA Local Presidents Academy (LPA)

Do you want to be a successful president?  BFCL (Building Full Capacity Locals) is offering you the training resources and time necessary to do the job for which  you were elected. If you are a president in good standing, this is your opportunity to be a part of the MEA Local Presidents Academy (LPA).

The goal of the LPA is to develop proactive, well-trained, confident, and strong local association presidents. BFCL offers the time and resources they need to do their jobs, as well as the skills necessary to identify and mentor up-and-coming leaders in their locals. Well-trained presidents are critically important! Dedicate some time for training to developing your skills and strengthening your local association.

As part of the LPA, participants will spend up to two years attending trainings and conferences as well as participating in experiences focused on leadership developments. All expenses (within reason) will be covered for all required training: which includes overnights, meals, mileage, conference fees and the cost of substitutes or your daily wages up to a maximum of $125 per day.  In addition, the LPA will also fund five days of release time during the course of these difficult times.


In order to be eligible for consideration, applicants must:

  • Be a member in good standing (dues paying member); this applies to your local too.
  • Be a duly-elected local association president.
  • Be willing and able to commit to attend and participate in all required academy trainings, conferences and activities (events and dates below). Please check your contract and with your employer regarding release days.
  • Have access to and actively use email for communication purposes, using your personal email for LPA communications or set up a email account
  • Complete the LPA application

*if you have trouble filling out the application online, contact Donna at or call 800-292-1934 ext. 2941


Read more:

A look at what Building Full Capacity Locals offers!

For more resources, please call 800-292-1934, ext. 2941.

PAC Power Booklet (PDF)

Getting Strategic — Long-Range Planning for Local Leaders (PDF)

Presidents Planning Calendar (PDF)

Association/Building Representatives and Stewards — Starting with the Basics (PDF)

Association/Building Representatives and Stewards — Starting with the Basics — Higher Ed(PDF)

Communications 101 (PDF)

(download below or request copies by calling 800-292-1934, ext. 2941)

Just Between Presidents – Generation Next (PDF)

Just Between Presidents – Parliamentary Procedure (PDF)

Local Self-Assessment (PDF)

You’ve Been Elected. . . Now What? (PDF)

Processing Gripes and Grievances (PDF)

Processing Gripes and Grievances – Higher Ed (PDF)

United We Stand . . . Coalition Building for EA and ESP Units (PDF)

Local Funding Program – Spring Application now available until December 1, 2018.

In order to be more fiscally responsible with our members’ dues and to keep in line with the goals of the MEA to increase membership and member engagement, we have made modifications to some practices that have been associated with the Building Full Capacity Grants, otherwise known as the BFCL grants.

The BFCL grants are now structured in a more formal process where people will have the chance to apply for funding twice a year and the monies will be awarded based on the merit of the application.  Members will have a window to submit their applications.  Once the window has closed, the applications will be reviewed as one group and the recipients will be notified whether or not they have been approved.

Grants will be measured based on the number of people it will serve and the type of event planned. Please note, the amount of money requested may not be the approved amount. Consideration will be made to the size of the local and the number of members in good standing. If you are approved for a grant in one cycle, you will not be eligible for the next cycle unless there are remaining funds available.  We encourage planning events with other locals and being creative with the monies.

Please refer to the BFCL Grant Guidelines. Click here for application.