Labor Voices: Treat Michigan school employees fairly

‘Average Michigan teacher salary drops for the 4th consecutive year,” read newspaper headlines across the state earlier this summer. This news comes from a Center for Educational Performance and Information report about non-inflation-adjusted salary data. Actual salaries and take-home pay for many Michigan teachers have dropped every year for the last four years. Jennifer Young,…

MEA Member Benefit – MEA lobbies for you and your students

MEA is the strongest professional labor union for public school employees in Michigan thanks to the collective power of its 140,000 members and the talents of experienced lobbyists and political action professionals. This combination has helped us secure legislation that benefits both members and students.

Thanks to members who expressed their concerns that the new M-STEP took too much time away from teaching and was plagued with technical problems, the time taken up with M-STEP will be reduced next year.

MEA Member Benefit – An advocate for public education

You are a member of the state’s strongest professional labor union. MEA is your voice—whether at the bargaining table, at the Capitol, or in communications—that speaks for a quality education for all students; the working conditions and rights of public school employees; and the future of our state.

Much of what we bargain has a direct impact on the students we serve. Class size limits, adequate resources, and school safety are just some of the issues that improve employees’ working conditions and students’ learning conditions.

MEA lobbyists ensure that members’ voices are heard loud and clear on education issues. Thanks to their efforts, MEA played a pivotal role in establishing a statewide teacher and administrator evaluation system and in decreasing the amount of time spent on standardized testing.