Why I Pay My Dues

Brian Milliron: AP US History teacher, South Haven High School Let me tell you why I pay my union dues – because I’ve lived the future that Betsy DeVos envisions for our children and the school employees who educate and care for kids. I worked at for-profit charter schools during my first nine years teaching…

New MEA President on “Off the Record”: Listen to Educators’ Voices

MEA President Paula Herbart is this week’s guest on “Off the Record” with senior Capitol correspondent Tim Skubick.  The weekly PBS public affairs show served as Herbart’s first major public appearance since taking the reins at MEA on Sept. 1. During her 12-minute interview, she reinforced something she’s heard across the state: that policymakers need to listen more to the front-line experts – Michigan’s teachers and support staff – about what schools and students need.