‘Falsehood flies’ to Push For-Profit Schools

By Brenda Ortega
MEA Editor

I’m appalled, angry and saddened by recent news stories and editorials about teacher absences – bashing educators again – based on one nakedly faulty and politicized “study.” 

Where do I begin? By pointing out the falsehoods and misrepresentations? Explaining why teachers need sick days? Shouting from the rooftops how the public must demand an end to political attacks that continue to drive dedicated educators out of the classroom?

In my last job as an English teacher, I asked my senior honors students to grapple with Jonathan Swift, the 18th-century political satirist who combined sharp wit and intellectual courage to challenge political corruption and dishonesty among the wealthy ruling class. Think Jon Stewart in 1700s Europe.

Labor Voices: Cyber charters are failed experiment

November 15, 2017

By PAULA HERBART/President – Michigan Education Association

If an experiment fails, the reasonable response is to end it and try something different. Not so regarding cyber charter schools, based on the actions of lawmakers who continue to fully fund these schools in the face of mounting evidence that they are a spectacular failure at improving academic achievement.